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Nbatipster.com is a new venture leaded by basketball analyst & handicapper James E. Culpepper (@nbatipster_com), who has been involved in sports betting for over a decade, providing basketball betting tips since 2008. Do u remember back then?


Good old times…right? But let me bring you back to 2016/2017.


What is Nbatipster?

Our website will provide free of charge, quality basketball betting tips, also complemented with news and updates about the sport itself.

We will eventually cover markets such as Euroleague, Eurocup or FIBA International tournaments, but it’s in NBA Basketball where more picks will be offered and best results should be expected.

Tipster’ Methodology

Although you’ll find just a few lines on explanation, picks are coming after exhaustive analysis of games. I’d start by checking odds, and if i believe there’s something interesting happening, i would analyse plenty of factors like streak, schedule, standings, match importance, team’s energy & mindset, momentum, last minute updates, injuries…

All that process might help, but most important part of decision-making is my own intuition, based on sensations of what i’m seeing on the court daily.


Ehhm…you got me! But let’s get going.

Staking System

At Nbatipster.com we’ll use a simple, linear staking system.

Minimum stake unit, Stake 1/10, will represent a betting amount of 0.5% of total bankroll (balance available for betting purposes). By applying a linear staking system, every unit added should increment an extra 0.5% to that percentage.

Ex. If we decided to bet 3 units in a match (Stake 3/10), betting amount would be 3 *0.5% = 1.5% of the total bankroll.

Important: Staking system used in this blog it’s just a recommendation, what we think it would maximize results. But in gambling, or in other fields, whatever you do with your money it’s your own responsibily, not ours.


We decided to use Pyckio.com as an pyckio125x125external tool for verificating picks, mainly for two reasons: We believe Pyckio will become a tipsters’ reference in the future, and also allows us to offer verified odds from Pinnacle.com, best bookmaker for NBA markets so far.

Strenght in numbers? Well, we will see…


If you came all the way here with us, hey…thanks for that! Finally, I don’t want to end up this article without reminding one of my favourite betting mantras:

Never bet a higher amount of money of what you’d be able to lose…

I hope you’ll be able to enjoy our site, and wish you could find it useful at some point.

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