8th Dec 2016 – Washington Wizards vs Denver Nuggets

8th December 2016 – Nba – Washington Wizards vs Denver Nuggets

Pick: Denver Nuggets +6 @1.90 Stake 3

If you follow me, you might’ve already heard few times that i believe Denver has a pretty good team. I believe spreadline is unfairly favourable to Washington here. Trying +6.0 for Denver with slow stakes, but odds are inviting to be much more aggresive. Even visitors’ W seems pretty possible to me.

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  1. Denver: 29 TOs, 13 or so 3pt misses in a row in last minutes, 66% free throw shooting, Faried unexpectedly doesn’t play (tec. decision), foul trouble, lots of weird referee calls..5 seconds turnover in last play…i actually don’t care much, just wonder how pick was only 1.5pt shy

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